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What is Shrug Emoticon

The Shrug Emoticon, which is commonly known as or shruggie, is a very well known emoji. It started as a face mark or a kaomoji in Japanese. The Emoticon actually looks like a person who is shrugging his shoulder to indicate his lack of knowledge about a particular topic. Other than this, either this gesture shows the person has no idea about what is going on, or he does not care about it at all.

The famous and funny Shrug emoticon consists of a face which shows a lack of interest, along with raised shoulders and arms while the hands lay flat over the arms. This emoji is becoming very common. It is being used in a lot of funny posts and is very popular all over the social media. The Shrug Emoticon is typed as: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You can either type the shrug emoticon on your keyboard or copy paste it from below:


If your emoji is with broken left arm when you paste it, then you need to use 2 backslashes (\) or on some websites even 3 (\)  (¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

There are many instances where people use this emoticon to show various expressions by way of a "shrug".

Here's a list of examples when to use a shrug emoticon:

  1.  You just don't know what the person is talking to you about, and you can send in a shruggie.
  2.  When a person inboxes sentences that make little sense, and you don't even understand a word!
  3. You get a joke that makes you LOL, but it actually makes little sense! You may send a shrug if you receive something like this: "Threw my laptop into the ocean! It's a Dell Rolling in the Deep!"
  4. Your innocent friend or a relative sends you an erotic photo! Hopefully by mistake. And you are like "shrugging with surprise". That is when you would send a shrug emoticon!
  5. When you get a sudden series of abusive messages for no apparent reason by your friend! You can post a surprising shrug indicating "what are you saying!?"
  6. When you are asked for some help, but you cannot possibly do anything for that person, you could probably use a shrug that would indicate "I can't. I am sorry."
  7. When you get some annoying messages that make you angry, a shrug would mean "What the f**k are you sending me?!"
  8. When someone makes you angry, and then asks you for some help. You are like "I don't care!" You can use the shrug emoticon to express that you don't care at that point of time as you are angry.
  9. The message recipient takes too long to comprehend and understand something very straightforward and easy. You can send a shrug to say that "what's' so difficult to understand? Isn't that easy to comprehend?"
  10. You come across an entirely lame post. You can put in a shruggie emoticon there indicating the heights of lameness!

The shrug emoticon is often used to express various reactions of surprise or lack of knowledge and resembles a shoulder shrug in real life. There are several different types of shrug emoticons being used in different situations. Here are some of the types enlisted:

1. The Surprise Shrug


When you are quite surprised as you receive something unusual from your friend! Maybe your dumb friend topped his exams and you are left stunned! That's what a "surprise shrug" precisely expresses! Next time your caught surprised use this cool emoticon.

2. The Annoying Shrug


This type of shrug shows anger and annoyance. This emoticon shows an angry face with shoulders shrugging, expressing anger! When your friend is in a naughty mood aiming to irritate you and keeps on texting rubbish like "hey abnchdjfgbkbfjos bsdsfsf" and you get really annoyed and reply with an angry shrug. That's what you call an "annoying shrug".

3. The Amusing Shrug


This one expresses surprise along with laughter, often when you see a funny joke or message, but it's quite lame. You are like "Hahaha! LOL! What was that!?" A shoulder shrug with a laugh on the face means you are quite amused, but surprised at the same time! Look up a lame joke and you would want to put in an amusing shrug!

4. A Dumb Shrug


Oh my God! I don't understand a word! What is he talking? This expression shows dumbness, or precisely, lack of understanding. It's a "dumb shrug" that would perfectly fit this expression! Your girl sends you a coded message, and you don't understand. You are like "What?! Please explain me!" That's what a "dumb shrug" expresses!

5. The Helpless Shrug


You are asked some help from your friend, but it seems that you can't do much to help! That's quite sad, but you don't have any option but to express denial and helplessness. A shrug emoticon with a look that indicates "sorry, but I can't!" This precisely means the "helpless shrug".

6. The Vengeful Shrug


A perfect shrug emoticon to express "I don't really care!" When your sworn enemy is in trouble and texts, you to asking for your help. You often react by sending a vengeful shrug indicating "Go help yourself. I don't care!" This type of shrug is rather a rude one.

These are some of the shrug emoticons used quite often by people while interacting on the social media.

History of the Shrug Emoticon

The use of emoticons goes way back to the 1940’s when they were first used in science fiction. The shrug emoticon falls more accurately under the Eastern version of emoticons known as the kaomojis. Specifically, the history of shrug emoticon can be traced to the 1980’s.

Most of us can remember the incident that triggered massive use of the shrug emoticon in popular culture. This happened just recently in 2009. It was a Sunday night and MTV was hosting their annual MTV Video awards. One award was presented to Taylor Swift, and as she gave her acceptance speech, an outraged Kanye West stormed onto the stage; convinced that the award was rigged. Instead, he wanted the award to be presented to Beyonce. Yeezus, as he now calls himself, realized how stupid this was and threw up his arms in the classic shrug motion, running away from the awkward moment.

And that was when the shrug emoticon exploded in modern circles. Travis Porter famously made a tweet about it, inserting the shrug emoticon. Hundreds of memes were created and that was probably when you even learned of its existence.